Mali - The Church of Mandiakuy

Located south of the city, the church of Mandiakuy, was successively built straw hut and banco which collapsed during wintering in 1936. Built for the fourth between March 1956 and September 1958 by Brother Gratien, with funding from the local Catholic community, with the support of Father Bernard Verspieren, the church of Mandiakuy is a rectangular building, built on a space measuring 57.60 meters long and 32 meters wide for an estimated capacity of 3000 faithful . Imposing by its built surface and its foundation, the building is built of white stones from a quarry located in Tiotio, 15 kilometers east of Mandiakuy. It is covered with a tin roof resting on an iron frame. Its main facade is adorned with two 30-meter-high towers separated by a 16-meter high cross. Beside the church and in relation with it, is the Marian Cave, a stony installation in the form of an arch incorporating the statue of the Virgin Mary, all dressed in white. A stage for the choir is adjacent to the installation.

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