Japan - Tohoku - Yamagata-ken

Mount Chokai at the border of Yamagata prefecture and Akita prefecture. Thanks to Keiko-san of Japan.

USA - Delaware - Greetings from

Vintage reprint of Greetings from Delaware postcard. Thanks to Lana of USA.

Myanmar - Shwedagon Pagoda at Night, Yangon

Shwedagon Pagoda at night, Yangon. I saw it lighted up - it is an awesome sight in downtown Yangon. Thanks to Hong of Singapore.

Japan - Kanto - Ibaraki-ken

Kairaku-en Japanese garden in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture is rated one of the top 3 most famous gardens in Japan. Thanks to Keiko-san of Sendai, Japan.

Belarus - Braslaw Lakes National Park

Braslaw Lakes National Park is located in the northern part of Belarus. Thansk to Nika of Belarus.

Japan - Shikoku - Kochi-ken

Cape Ashizuri in Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park in Kochi prefecture, Shikoku, Japan with special pictorial and Ashizurimisaki cancellation by way of "yurai". Thanks to Mika of Shikoku, Japan.

USA - Alaska - Kodiak

A pod of orcas going by Kodiak, Alaska. Thanks to Nicole of Kodiak, Alaska, USA.

Japan - Chubu - Fukui-ken

Landscape view near Obama City, the westernmost city of Fukui Prefecture. The city becomes famous when Barrack Obama became US President as it has the same name in Romanji. Thanks to Keiko-san of Sendai of Japan.

Australia - Victoria - Grampians

The Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia. Thanks to SP, SI and group for mailing these 3 nice postcards from The Grampians National Park with special cancellation.

Postcard 1
Boroka Lookout - The Grampians

Postcard 2
The Pinnacle - The Grampians.

Postcard 3
Mackenzie Falls - The Grampians.

Belarus - Braslaw Lakes

Braslaw Lakes in Bulgaria. Thanks for nice postcard with great stamps to Nika of Belarus.

China - Tibet - Snowy Mountain Peaks

Snowy Mountain Peaks of Tibet, China. Thanks to Ravindra of Sri Lanka who mailed from Lhasa, Tibet, China.

Japan - Kanto-ken - Ryokan Onsen in Gunma

Ryokan Onsen in Gunma, Kanto Prefecture, Japan. Thanks to YL and YL for mailing from Japan.

United Kingdom - Scotland - Stirling Castle

Great aerial view of Stirling Castle which is one of the largest and most important castles in Scotland, United Kingdom. Thanks to Ruth of USA who visited this awesome fortification. Universal Mail stamp of Honours of Scotland used.

South Korea - Task Force Smith

Postal card of task Force Smith 68th Memorial Ceremony which was engagement of US forces in the Korean War at Osan, South Korea. Special postage label and special cancellation. Thanks to Park of South Korea.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon

I received this nice postcard with a cute map of St Pierre and Miquelon enclosed inside an envelope from Isabelle. Thanks to arrangement by Thibaut of Switzerland.

Japan - Chugoku - Tottori-ken

Tottori Great Sand Dune near Tottori City, Japan. Thanks to Keiko-san of Sendai, Japan.