Japan - Kyoto Pictorial City Map

I visited Kyoto and enjoyed walking around this historic cultural city. Nice map postcard of Kyoto with clear Kyoto cancellations. Thanks to Asami of Japan.

United States America - Washington State - Port Townsend

Port Townsend scenice view. Thanks to Van of Washington State, USA.

United States America - Washington State - Indian Canoe Maker

Quileute Indian using an adz to finsih a traditional dugout canoe from a single cedar log. Thanks to Van of Washington State, USA.

USA - Oklahoma - State Map

Multi-view of Oklahoma state map with state emblem. Thanks to Van of Texas, USA.

Isle of Man - Castletown

Castletown in Isle of Man. Thanks to James of Isle of Man.

China - Shandong - Qingdao

Qingdao view from sea. Thanks to Wen of Qingdao, China. Nice stamps used. Received on Feb 14, 2020.

Germany - Ingelheim am Rhein - 75 Jahre Stadt

I visited Ingelheim once. Thanks to YL for this yesteryears photo of Ingelheim of Germany.

Croatia - Skradin

Skradin, Croatia. Thanks to Maja of Croatia.

USA - Washington State - Eatonville

Eatonville with snow capped Mount Rainier in the background, Washington State. Thanks to Van of Texas, USA.

Malaysia - Sarawak - Sibu

Postcard 1
Sibu Express Boat Terminal besides Rajang Esplanade. I have visited Sibu town many years ago but was not able to find a postcard of Sibu. So it is great to finally to received two postcards of Sibu - thanks to Wong of Sibu, Sarawak with Sarawak stamps and Sibu cancellation.

Postcard 2
Another postcard of Sibu - Sibu Heritage Center with a cultural museum and souvenir shops. Thanks again to Wong of Sibu. Received in January 2020.

Postcard 3
Sibu is the center of shipbuilding in Sarawak. Thanks to Wong of Sibu. Both postal circular cancellation and franking cancellation used.

Indonesia - Greetings from Indonesia

A nice self-printed postcard of Komodo Island by Ayu of Indonesia who visited in 2016. Thanks - terima kasih - postcard arrived in January 2020.

Iceland - Multi-View

Multi-view of Iceland - Northern Lights, glaciers, geysers, waterfalls of Iceland. Thanks to Van of Texas, USA. Received in January 2020.

USA - South Dakota - State Capitol, Pierre

State Capitol at Pierre, South Dakota. Thanks to Van of Texas, USA.

United States - California - The World's Tallest Thermometer, Baker

The world's tallest thermometer in Baker, California. Thanks to Van of Washington State, USA.

India - Winding Highway - Sikkim

Nice self-designed postcard of winding roads of Sikkim, India. Thanks to Patrick and Sisko of Belgium for mailing from Sikkim, India.

United States - Arizona - Route 66, Winslow

Nice postcard of Route 66 in Winslow, Arizona. Thanks to Van of Washington State, USA.