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My postcard collection of Penang Ferry which plies between George Town in Penang island and Butterworth on the mainland of Seberang Perai or formerly Province Wellesley.

If you have other Penang Ferry postcards, please send to me or swap with me. Thank you. I am trying to arrange in chronological order. If you know the approximate year of photo of each postcard based on the background buildings, please let me know.

I am looking for postcards showing Ferry  "Pulau Pinang", "Pulau Payar", "Pulau Rimau" and "Pulau Undan". Would like to collect postcards of the different ferries with different ferry color themes which are named after different islands (pulau pulau) in Malaysia. The most iconic ferry will be "Pulau Pinang".  This collection brings back fond memories of ferry crossing before the Penang Bridge was built. Enjoy viewing.

Postcard 1A
Old Ferry. I bought this reprint vintage postcard n Penang in 2016.

Postcard 1B
14x9cm.  Publisher: P.M.S. Mohamed Noordin.
"New Ferry Terminal Penang".

Postcard 2 
15x10.4cm.Publisher: S. Abdul Majeed & Co.
 "The New Ferry Pier".
On the far left of postcard, can see the third ferry berth added.

Postcard 3
14.5x10.2cm. Publisher: S.Abdul Majeed and Co.
Ferry "Pulau Redang" (left), Ferry "Pulau Talang Talang"
"The impressive skyline of Georgetown greets every visitor via ferry".

Postcard 4
14.5x10.2cm. Publisher:S.Abdual Majeed and Co.
Ferry "Pulau Tioman" and Ferry "Pulau Untan?"
"Two of the ferries which regularly plying between mainland and Penang island, conveying passengers, cars, lorries and other commuters across the channel."

Postcard 5
15x10.5cm. Reprint. Original by John Hinde Limited, Dublin. 
Ferry "Pulau Pangkor"

Postcard 6
15x103cm. Photo by Sriwanin Photo Pulau Pinang. Specially for Heritage Pulau Pinang.
Ferry "Pulau Pangkor"

Postcard 7
15.3x10.1cm. Publisher: S.A.Majeed, Copyright: Ahmad Yusni
Ferry "Pulau Rawa"

Postcard 8
15.4x11.2cm. Published: S.Abdul Majeed & Co, Pg.
Ferry "Pulau Rawa".
"A 24-hours double decker ferry service links the mainland and the island".

Postcard 9
14.9x10.5cm. Fascination Postcard. C.T.Fong Photography
Ferry "Pulau Angsa".

Postcard 10
14.8x10.2cm. Feri "Pulau Tioman". Publisher: S. Abdul Majeed.

Postcard 11
15.3x11.3cm. Publisher: S. Abdul Majeed and Company.
Ferry "Pulau Kapas".

Postcard 12
17x12cm. YACINE Collection. Photo: Ravi. John Smith
Ferry "Pulau Talang Talang".
"The PenangIsland Ferry Service not onlinks the island to the mainland but offer scenic views of the harbour and the Penang island Bridge."

Postcard 13
16.3x11.8cm. Heritage Postcard. Photo: C.T.Fong
Ferry "Pulau Kapas".
"The ferry terminal on the island of Penang".

Postcard 14
17x12cm.YACINE Collection.
Ferry "Pulau Lumut" (left), Ferry "Pulau Tioman"
Penang-Butterworth Ferries with KOMTAR building in the background.

Postcard 15
17x12cm. YACINE Collection.
"Non-stop ferry service of regular intervals provide the means of transport between Penang island and the mainland.

Postcard 16
17x12 cm. YACINE Collection. Photo: Teoh Buck Chuan
Ferry "Pulau  Kapas". "The Penang Island Ferry Service not only links the island to the mainland but offers scenic views of the harbour and the Penang Bridge."

Postcard 17
17.3x12.8cm  - rounded corners. Galerie Sdn Bhd.
"Early morning view of Georgetown and Bukit Mertajam from Bellevue, the Penang Hill Hotel." See silhouettees of several ferries plying the Penang Channel. 

Postcard 18
16.5x11.5cm. Created by The Chew Jetty Kongsi Penang.
Sunrise with ferry silhouette in the background.

Postcard 19
21 x 15 cm. Malaysia From The Air - RCC AERODATA.
New multi-color ferries.

Postcard 20
18x12.8cm. Published by The Postcard Shop.
Ferry "Pulau Undan"

Postcard 21

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