Malaysia - Kedah - BANDAR BAHARU KEDAH cancellation

The tristate towns of Bandar Baharu of Kedah, Parit Buntar of Perak and Nibong Tebal of Penang are neighboring towns along Krian River. Bandar Baharu is located on the opposite river bank of Parit Buntar.

I dropped these two postcards in 2009 into the mailbox of  the post office of Bandar Baharu, Kedah which at that time still collected mail only once a week. It is now closed and residents of Bandar Baharu goes to the post office of Parit Buntar.

So luckily, I got this cancellation of "BANDAR BAHARU KEDAH". Noticed the different spelling of Baharu vs Baru, Bharu or Bahru.

Postcard 1
Multi-view with Alor Setar Chinatown, Langkawi Island and Kedah Rice Field. Cancelled at Bandar Baharu Post Office, Kedah.

Postcard 2
Pantai Tengah Beach in Langkawi. Cancelled in Bandar Baharu Post Office, Kedah.

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