Taiwan - Ethnic Group

Taiwan has many ethnic groups. Thanks to Hsiao of Taipei, Taiwan.

Belarus - Fauna of Belarus

A deer of Belarus. Thanks to Koloskov of Minsk, Belarus.

Belgium - Maastricht

Fort wall of Maastricht, Belgium. Thanks to Nathalie and Cleo of Belgium.

Netherlands - Workum

Multi-view of Workum, a town in Friesland, Netherlands. Thanks to Hester of Netherlands.

Russia - Illustration of St Petersburg

Illustration postcard of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Thanks to Iuli of St Petersburg, Russia.

Russia - Moscow - Pushkinskaya Square

Pushinkskaya Square or Stratsnaya Square in Moscow has a statue monument dedicated to Alexander Pushkin. Thanks to Anton of Moscow, Russia.

Germany - Tubingen

An old postcard of Tubingen, in south west Germany. Thanks to Miriam of Germany.

Malaysia - Kedah - Langkawi

Aerial view of Datai Resort, Langkawi. Thanks to Syam of Penang, Malaysia.

Malaysia - Perak - Perak House

An illustration postcard of Perak House. Thanks to Annie of Selangor, Malaysia.

Malaysia - Perak - Pangkor Island - Ad Postcard

I got this advertisement postcard in Pangkor Island, got the Pangkor Island post office cancellation on the postcard and mailed it from there. The stamp cancellation is Ipoh, Perak.

France - Cotes d'Armor

Map of Cotes d'Armor, Brittany, France. Thanks to Bruce for mailing from Bretagne, France.

France - Centre Pompidou

A nice day outside Centre Pompidou, Paris. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of Paris.

France - Port-Louis

Port-Louis of Bretagne Sud, France. Thanks to Bruce for mailing from France.

Poland - Ustka

Ustka is a town on Baltic coast in Poland. Thanks to Marta of Utska of Poland.

Netherlands - Eidereend Ducks

Eidereend ducks of Netherlands. Thanks to Cathelijne of Netherlands.

Malaysia - Terengganu - Redang Island

Redang Island, Terengganu. Thanks to Yinnen for mailing from Terengganu, Malaysia.