Germany - Heidelberg

I have visited this beautiful city of Heidelberg twice. Thanks to Sophie for mailing from Heidelberg, Germany.

India - Kashmir Valley

Kashmir Valley aerial view, India. Thanks to PdotK of Tamilnadu, India.

USA - Navajo Hogan

Original dwelling of the Navaho found in New Mexico and Arizona, USA. Thanks to Nathan of MA, USA.

Greece - Ancient Corinth

Temple of Apollo, ancient Korinthos, Greece. Thanks to Arthur of Ilias, Greece.


Anyone can tell me the name of this city shown on this postcard. Thanks to Elena who lives near Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Japan - Nozomi

Nozomi operates on Tokaido Shinkansen line with maximum operating speed of 285 km/h. Thanks to to Masako of Yokohama, Japan.

India - Khardungla Pass, Ladakh

Khardungla Pass, 5570m in Ladakh, India. Thanks to Sid of India.

China - Inner Mongolia

View in Inner Mongolia, China. Thanks to Seren of Zhejiang, China.

Thailand - Koh Dong, Satun

Koh Dong, Satun. I bought this postcard at Satun Post Office and mailed it from there. Nice Satun cancellation, dated 20.2.60 - Feb 20 with Thailand Buddhist Year 2560 for 2017.

Poland - Minsk Mazowiecki

Minsk Mazowiecki - a town in central Poland. Thanks to Anna of Poland.

India - Warrior Queens

KIttur Rani Channamma, Laxmi Bai (Rani of Jhansi) - Warrior Queens. Thanks to Sid of India.

Russia - Church of Ascension, Velikii Ustyug

The Church of Ascension of Velikii Ustyug, Vologda Oblast, Northwestern Region. Thanks to Tatyana of Russia.

Malaysia - Glimpses of The Past Series

Thanks to Shufen of Malaysia.

Slovakia - Zilina

Mult-view of Zilina, Slovakia. Thanks to Alena of Zilina, Slovakia.

India - Ranganathswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu

Ranganathswamy Temple in Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India. Thanks to Sidarth of Mangalore, India.

Russia - Christmas Postcard

A Christmas card sent from Russia. Thanks to Svetlana of Russia.