United Kingdom - London

Nice multi-view of London. Thanks to YL for mailing this nice postcard from London, UK.

Croatia - Pakostane

Pakostane, Croatia. Thanks to Martin of Slovenia for mailing from Pakostane, Croatia.

Poland - Lodz

Multi-view of illustrated scenes of Lodz, Poland. Thanks to Olga of Poland.

Sweden - Kivik

Multi-view of Kivik, Sweden. Thanks to Aila of Sweden. Nice stamps used.

USA - Water Skiing

An older postcard of water skiing. Thanks to Mike of Montana, USA.

China - Shanghai

Multi-view of Shanghai. Thanks to Ye of China.

Netherlands - Black-tailed godwit shorebird

Black-tailed godwit Limosa limosais a large, long-legged, long-billed shorebird first described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758. Postage label used. Thanks to Isabel of Netherlands.

Germany - Magdeburg

Multi-view of Magdeburg, Germany. Thanks to Jorn of Germany.

Switzerland - Montreux

Nice lakeside town of Montreux of Switzerland. Thanks to YL who was visiting this Swiss town.

Thailand - Bangkok Royal Temples

Bangkok Royal Temples. Thanks to SF for mailing from Bangkok, Thailand in June 2017.

Thailand - Bangkok BTS

BTS is Bangkok LRT train system. Thanks to SF for mailing from Bangkok, Thailand in June 2017.

Poland - Rural Scenery

Hilly rural scenery of Poland. Thanks to Magda of Poland.

Malaysia - Negeri Sembilan - Royal Museum of Sri Menanti

An extra long size postcard of Royal Museum of Sri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan. I mailed it from Kuala Pilah Post Office which is near Sri Menanti.

Indonesia - Bali - Royal Temple of Mengwi

Royal Temple of Mengwi, Bali, Indonesia. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France who visited Bali.

Malaysia - Johor - Mount Ledang

I drove by Mount Ledang while travelling to Tangkak-Labis-Segamat in June 2017. Mailed this postcard from Tangkak Post Office.

Malaysia - Melaka

I visited Melaka in June 20, 2017 and sent these postcards to myself.

Postcard 1
Saint Francis Xavier Church, Melaka built in 1849 with matching stamp.

Postcard 2
Saint Peter Church built in 1710.

Postcard 3
Fort Santiago of A Famosa Fort, Melaka.