USA - New York - Statue of Liberty, New York City

Postcard 1
I visted the Statue of Liberty, climbed under the skirt and viewed through the crown on the top. Nice postcard sent using stamps of the Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson. Thanks to Jennefer.

Postcard 2
Aerial view of Liberty Island with Statue of Liberty. Thanks to Toni who was visiting USA.

Postcard 3
Statue of Liberty welcoming visitors coming to New York, USA by sea. Thanks to Robin of New Jersey, USA. Received in July 2018.

Postcard 4
Visited Statue of Liberty Island on May 25, 2019. Cancelled these special chops as it is a US National Monument. It is my second visit but it is still awe inspiring.

Postcard 4
The crown and torch of the Statue of Liberty. In my first trip here, many years ago, I climbed inside the statue up to the crown to view out. In this second trip, we just circled around the statue on the island.

Postcard 5
Nice top section shaped postcard that I bought in the gift shop in the Liberty Island for my collection.

Postcard 6
Another postcard that I cancel at Liberty Island in 2019.

Postcard 7

Postcard 8

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