China - Yunju Temple

"Yunju Temple is a Buddhist shrine in north China. Founded in Tang Dynasty, it was expanded or renovated in each of the following dynasties. It reached its heyday in the years of Kangxi and Qianlong reign in Qing Dynasty. It retains 7 pagodas built in Tang Dynasty, 5 built in Liao Dynasty, and 3 tomb pagodas built in Qing Dynasty. The Tang- or Liao-dynasty pagodas were an important integral part of the culture of stone scriptures (Buddhist scriptures inscribed on stone tablets), because they were closely associated with their engraving. On Stone Scriptures Hill are 9 caves for storage of scriptures (except for Leiyin, the 5th cave, on whose walls are fixed stone scripture tablets, all the caves are sealed with iron bolts)..."

View of cave for collection of Buddhist Sutra of Yunju Temple area in Shilingshan Mountain near Beijing, China. Thanks to Huiyi of China.

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