Malaysia - Perlis - "KANGAR PERLIS" Cancellation

Postcard 1
Beach multi-view postcard with the view of Andaman Sea, Perlis (picture just above the map). I could not find a mailbox at night in Kuala Perlis in July 2010 after a ferry trip to Langkwai. A kind local promised to mail it for me from Kuala Perlis and he did it. The postcard got a "KANGAR PERLIS" cancellation on the Perlis Rumah Bumbung Panjang stamp that I put on the postcard.

Postcard 2
This seocnd postcard of rambutans being carried on motorcycle also got a "KANGAR PERLIS" cancellation on the matching rambutan stamp. A great addition to my collection of postcards mailed from Perlis.

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