Malaysia - Pahang - Beaches

Postcard 1A - Pantai Telok Chempedak
Multiview of Pantai Telok Chempedak in Kuantan. I mailed this postcard from Kuantan, Pahang.

Postcard 1B - Teluk Chempedak
The rocky section of Teluk Chempedak Beach, Kuantan, Pahang.

Postcard 2
Beach in front of Merlin Hotel Kuantan.

Postcard 3A - Cherating Beach
Cherating, East Coast.

Postcard 3B - Cherating Beach
Sunrise at Cherating Beach, Pahang.

Postcard 4 - Beserah
Beserah fishing village is 10 km north of Kuantan and famous for prawn crackers and beautiful beaches.

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