Malaysia - Perak - Kuala Sepetang

Postcard 1A
Aerial view of Port Weld. Kuala Sepitang is the new name for Port Weld. The first Malayan railway was built to export tin from Taiping to Port Weld. I bought this vintage reprint postcard in Taiping.

Postcard 1B
Port Weld Railway station in 1885.

Postcard 3
Kuala Sangga is a Chinese fishing village, half an hour by boat from Kuala Sepitang, Perak. I bought this postcard in Taiping, Perak.

Postcard 4
Matang Mangrove Forest near Kuala Sepitang.

Postcard 5-A
Charcoal making industry is an important source of income in Kuala Sepitang.

Postcard 5-B
Charcoal kiln at Kuala Sepetang, Perak. Thanks to Vera of Ipoh. Photograph of postcard by Vera.

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