Malaysia - Penang - Snake Temple

My postcard collection of Penang Snake Temple. 2013 is the Year of the Snake. Enjoy viewing.

Postcard 1
14x8.9cm. Publisher: P.M.S. Mohamed Noordin, Penang.
"Snake Tempe Sungei Kluang, Penang". This place is now called Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone.

Postcard 2
14.7x10.2cm. This postcard was mailed to me in 1980.
"Back Garden of the Snake Temple, Penang."

Postcard 3
14.7x10.3cm. Publisher: S. Abdul Majeed & Co.
"The Snake Temple at Sungei Kluang, Penang is a well known tourist attaction. The temple was built in 1850 in the honor of the Chinese deity Chor Soo Kong."

Postcard 4
14.3x10.3cm. Serrated Edge. Publisher: S. Abdul Majeed & Co.
"Snake Temple unique for its harmless snakes which twines around the altars of the temple..."

Postcard 5
16.2x11.8cm. Greetings from Malaysia. Heritage Postcard. Photo: C.T. Fong
"The snake temple of Penang is a famous tourist destination, where the green pit vipers are the main attraction."

Postcard 6
17x12cm. YACINE Collection. Phot: Joseph Jacobs
"Constructed in 1850, the Snake Temple or The Temple of the Azure Cloud in Penang is a sanctuary for Pit Vipers which may be seen coiled on the potted plants on the temple altar."

Postcard 7
17x12cm. Distributor: CGH
"The Snake Temple ... At the back of  the temple, there is a small prayer hall dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy Guan Yin."

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