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A collection of London postcards received over the years.

Postcard 1 - My first postcard of London
UK Union Jack flag with views of London. Thanks to SS.

Postcard 2 - The British Museum
6th Century Estrucan slab - Judgement of Paris. Thanks to ML.

Postcard 3 - Tower of London and Tower Bridge
Another London postcard from ML.

Postcard 4 - Trafalgar Square
Thanks to ML who went to London.

Postcard 5 - Buckingham Palace
I have visited London a few times. Watched the changing of guards. Thanks to ML for this great card.

Postcard 6 - Piccadilly Circus
Another famous London landmark. Thanks to ML.

Postcard 7 - Postcard of Postcards
Twelve postcards of London in one. Thanks to ML.

Postcard 8 - Four London Landmarks
I have been to London a few times. Wonderful city. Postcard shows the Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, London Tower and Parliament with Big Ben Clock tower. Thanks very much to Fen for this nice postcard of London.

Postcard 9 - The Houses of Parliament
Thanks to Haldane of London.

Postcard 10 - Ben Ben and London Eye
A black and white postcard of St. Stephen's Tower of Palace of Westminster, aka "Big Ben" with the London Eye observation flyer over the Thames River, London. Thanks to Sue.

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