Malaysia - Pahang - Cameron Highlands - Single Views

Postcard 1
A round of golf at the cool lush greeny of Cameron Highlands. Thanks Marni.

Postcard 2
Equatorial Hill Resort i slocated in Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands.

Postcard 3
Lake House, Ringlet in Cameron Highlands. Postmarked Brinchang. 

Postcard 4A
The Smokehouse Inn was built in 1930's in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. One of the oldest hotels. 

Postcard 4B
A different view postcard of the Smokehouse Inn.

Postcard 4C
A painted card of the famous Smoke House Inn in Camerons Highland. Pahang state stamp used. Thanks to Marni of Brinchang, Camerons Highlands.

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