Malaysia - Perak - Royal Belum State Park

Postcard 1
Royal Belum Forest of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 postcard. Thanks to Syamirul of Putrajaya.

Postcard 2
This large parasitic flower is named after Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles who founded Singapore. Common Rafflesia found in Royal Belum State Park are Rafflesia azlanii, Rafflesia kerrii and Rafflesia cantleyi. I mailed this postcard near Belum, Perak.

Postcard 3
Temenggor Lake with130 million years old rainforest. I mailed from Gerik, Perak.

Postcard 4
Salt lick area in Belum where wild animals get their mineral intake.

Postcard 4
Orang asli village on Banding Island, Belum, Perak

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