Germany - Saxony - Leipzig

Postcard 1
Night view of Liepzig Altes Rathaus. I took a train to visit Leipzig from Dresden. Sent this postcard to myself in May 2015.

Postcard 2
Liepzig day view of Altes Rathaus. I bought this postcard in Liepzig Train Station in May 2015.

Postcard 3
Liepzig city map postcard.

Postcard 4
Liepzig Train Station.

Postcard 5
Liepzig aerial view.

Postcard 6
Liepzig view by White Elster River.

Postcard 7
Liepzig historical landmark - Monument of the Battle of the Nations to commemorate the defeat of Napolean at Battle of Liepzig in 1813. Built in 1913 to commemorate 100th anniversary.

Postcard 8
Liepzig historical landmark of the Monument of the Battle of the Nations at sunset.

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