UK - England - East Midlands Region - Derwent Valley Mills

Postcard 1 - Silk Mill, Derby
The Silk Mill, Derby. Lombe's Silk Mill opened in 1721 with English technology developed in Italy which enabled silk to be thrown on machines driven by water power. Rebuilt after a 1910 fire, the Silk Mill now houses Derby's Museum of Industry and History. Thanks to Ivan of Czech Republic.

I received these following wonderful postcards of Derwent Valley Mills from Adrian of United Kingdom. Thanks so much.

Postcard 2 - Sir Richard Arkwright's Cromford Mill
Sir Richard Arkwright built the world's first successful water-powered cotton mill in Cromford in 1771.

Postcard 3 - Darley Abbey Mills
The Darley Abbey Mills is a water-powered cotton factory site.

Postcard 4 -Strutt's North Mill, Bleger
The North Mill is the last remaining Strutt-built cottom mill in Belper, built in 1804 and now housing the Visitor's Center and exhibition on town's industrial heritage.

Postcard 5 - Masson Mills
The Masson Mill of 1783 proclaimed Sir Richard Arkwright's increasing wealth and self-confidence. Red brick was used in place of stone and the projecting section was topped by a bell cupola.

Postcard 6 - Milford
The dyehouse chimney at Milford.

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